Specialized Wash
Hours of Operation
Livestock Washouts
Monday - Friday: 4am - 11pm
Truck must be in bay by 11pm
NO Biowashing after 10pm
Saturday 7am - 12pm
If Triumph Foods is closed
Saturday 6am - 4pm
If Triumph Foods is open. Truck must be in bay by 4pm

Tank Washouts
Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm
Saturday 7am - 12pm

Specialized Wash

When the standard wash just does cut it

At Deluxe Truck Stop we also offer several specialized wash services This includes:
  • Livestock washouts
  • Pneumatic Tank washout
  • Inedible Tank washout
  • Reefer washouts
  • Dry Van washouts
  • Hopper washouts
  • Flatbed wash offs

We have specialists on our staff that have been trained to perform specific washout functions. Currently we have a staff of 6 specialists that are certified to perform confined space inedible tank washouts, as well as pneumatic tank washouts. We can perform non-food grade hot and cold washouts on the inedible tanks, as well as standard tanks. All pneumatic tank washouts are performed with high-pressure cold water.

We we have a dedicated 3 bay washout for our Livestock customers. Utilizing high pressure, fresh cold water we are able to quickly and safely clean your trailer. We also offer bio-washing capabilities with 160-degree high pressure washers, with sanitizer available. We have 13 specialists on staff that have been trained to perform all of these functions, to provide the cleanest and safest washout for our customers.

Our hopper, flatbed, reefer and dry van washouts can either be performed with a fresh cold water, or for an added cost high-pressure hot water. For an additional charge we also have a medical grade deodorant spray that with freshens the trailer, but not contaminate the next load. We can also spay wax the interior of you hopper trailer to slicken the surface to help move your product out easier.