Truck Wash
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm
Truck must be in bay by 5pm
Saturday 7am - 12pm
If Triumph Foods is closed
Saturday 6am - 2pm
If Triumph Foods is open. Truck must be in bay by 1:15pm

Truck Wash


Products and equipment we use:
  • Zep Products (we have used the same base Zep soap for over 25 years)
  • Glo-foam wax
  • KO Manufacturing
  • Hotsy pressure washers
  • ACC Wash Systems mechanical brushes
  • Brush Hub soft bristle hand wash brushes
Services we offer:
  • High-pressure washing
  • Hand scrubbed exterior washes
  • Citric acid aluminum brightening
  • Finish-safe spray on wax

Deluxe Truck Stop starts all of our exterior washes with a Zep pre-soak product to break down the grime, dissolve the bug splatter and create a surface that is generally more willing to release all those miles of crud that have accumulated.

We allow the pre-soak some dwell time then we kick in with the high-pressure washers and detail the whole vehicle. Using high-pressure washers additionally breaks down the grime in final preparation of the vehicle being hand scrubbed.

Hand scrubbing the vehicle produces the ultimate results. Hand scrubbing allows us to avoid high caustic detergents that are common place in a lot of truck washes. We have a lot of staff that is trained to hit the spots that are often time overlooked.

Citric acid aluminum brightening is a specialty. This is a time consuming process that yields great results. The citric acid can be safely used on polished aluminum without pitting the surface. Used moderately, citric acid is safe for the most discriminating customer. Because this is a process that ultimately uses acid and that all metals react differently, we cannot be held responsible for the final results and stamp our wash tickets accordingly with a disclaimer.

We take care of all types of customers. We know that many times we are washing a customers "baby" and with that it mind, we strive to do our best. Single truck owners are as important as the fleet operator. Customer satisfaction is "GOAL NUMER 1". If you are not completely satisfied, be assured that we will do our best to make the necessary corrections.