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Livestock Washout

All livestock washouts at Deluxe Truck Stop are done with fresh water. We take pride in knowing that we play an integral part in the food chain by ensuring that trailers are clean and sanitary. We specialize in washing out hog, cattle, goat or other livestock trailers. We can use hot, high pressure water to clean the toughest jobs. We have 3 bays working 24 hours/day 6 days a week to ensure we are here when you need us. All washout charges are based on time required - minimum charges apply.

Regular washout

This is our standard washout. Shippers have asked that we take the time necessary to clean a trailer. We want our work to provide a trailer that can be loaded when it arrives at the farm. 

* Additional/minimum charges apply for heavy debris

What We Do

Extra Clean

We will spend extra time with our cold water washout to remove as much as possible. This process does not include high pressure washing.

* Additional/minimum charges apply for heavy debris

Bio Wash

The most effective wash is a Bio-Wash. We are equipped to handle all of your bio-wash needs. Using 3000 psi hot water and then applying our disinfectant, we prepare trailers for that "special" load.

* Additional/minimum charges apply for heavy debris

Cattle Washout

Cattle washouts can be very challenging. We are prepared to handle most any cattle trailer situations. We cannot washout frozen cattle trailers or cattle trailers that contain hay bedding.

*Charges based on time to complete job - 1 hour minimum charge

Goose Neck

We can washout goose neck trailers. Charges are based on the size of the trailer.


* Additional/minimum charges apply for heavy debris



In 2017 we reinvented the way we disinfect your trailer. We use a foaming agent that allows us to spray a foam based disinfectant spray up to 6 feet. Our disinfectant foams so we can see what we are covering. This ensures we are preparing trailers for the next load.

* Additional charges apply

Deck Install

When you have a trailer with a third deck, we can take the deck out, clean it and put it back in. Or, if you simply need the third deck installed, we can do that during the wash. We are extremely versatile and take care of about any your livestock needs. 

* Additional charges apply


We keep a healthy supply of bedding available for you for when you washout at Deluxe. We offer premium kiln dried bedding. We keep a good inventory available so a second stop is not required.

* Additional charges apply


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