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Deluxe Truck Stop in St. Joseph, MO Truck Wash - Trailer Washout - Tire Shop - Livestock Washout - Fuel - Truck Stop Shower

During this time of uncertainty Deluxe Truck Stop remains committed to doing our part to ensure that food is readily accessible by all of those affected. We will remain open during this time and will continue to exert our efforts in keeping our employees and customers safe while they visit our facility. While we will still be able to service your vehicles in the same quality manner as we always have, there are a few in-store restrictions:

  • No Roller Grill Items

  • Fountain drinks are fresh cups only

  • You can use the microwave but no food consumption anywhere in the store

If you have any questions please call us at 816-232-0000.

Thank you,

Deluxe Truck Stop

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