About Us


We've been washing truck exteriors for almost four decades. While there are many methods to exterior washing, we've learned that any equipment has to be hand scrubbed to get it really clean. That's why we employ the best people who apply our time tested processes to achieve the best results.



Nick Wollenman

General Manager

Nick graduated from DeVry College in Kansas City, MO with a degree in electrical engineering technology. Nick initially went to work for companies that marketed or manufactured after market automotive parts. Nick came to Deluxe with a bag full of talent and energy and wears just about every hat he can (literally and figuratively) at Deluxe Truck Stop.

Bob & Connie Wollenman


We opened our doors in October of 1980 with a determination to carve out a quality business. Located in the heart of the agricultural community of St. Joseph, Missouri, Deluxe Truck Stop has enjoyed the changes in its business model over the last 40 years of operation.

Natalie Kerns

Assistant General Manager

Natalie Kerns came to Deluxe Truck Stop 20+ years ago. Natalie quickly showed that she possessed great organizational talent. Our employees are confident that payday is always on time and accurate as humanly possible. Customers calling with inquiries can rest assured that Natalie will respond quickly. Natalie is the proud mother of 4 girls (two sets of twins!)

Levi Meade


Levi Meade is Deluxe's jack of all trades. Outside of doing the day-to-day work such as washing trucks or changing and repairing tires, Levi has been our go-to guy to help repair and maintain on our machinery and equipment. Levi has been and will continue to be a great asset for Deluxe Truck Stop!

Norman Rodewald


Norman Rodewald has been with Deluxe Truck Stop since 2010. Norman is responsible for the operation of our tire department. Norman had 40+ years of tire experience before coming to Deluxe. His knowledge of tire application is very broad. You can be confident that Norman will recommend the proper products for your specific tire needs. Norman proudly represents the Michelin and BF Goodrich tire products.

Cartha Keep

Front Operations Supervisor

Cartha has worked for the Wollenman's on and off for a number of years. Cartha was a convenience store manager previously. She makes the front operation flow and relies on the remaining staff to see that customers are properly accommodated. Cartha can be described as our lead "Air Traffic Controller".

James Aldredge Jr.

Livestock Wash Master

James came to Deluxe Truck Stop throughout 1979 looking for a job and in the fall of 1979 he was hired as Deluxe Truck Stop’s first employee. In his 40+ years here, James is always on time and always aware of the customers needs. James has washed out livestock trailers and done exterior washes the majority of his career. People know that when James is on board, the work will be done to the highest degree.

Mike Robinson

Morning Exterior Wash Bay Manager

Mike started at Deluxe in 2019 and has a great knack for befriending our customers and making them part of the family. In 2021, Mike took on a bigger role and became our exterior wash bay manager in the mornings. Mike keeps our employees engaged, customers happy and steps up to the plate when we need anything done.

Dakota Polley

Evening Tank Wash Bay Manager

We hired Dakota in June of 2020 and his great customer services skills, energy and attention to detail have moved him up quickly up the ranks to manager level. Dakota is into the details and enjoys making sure customers receive the best and that our employees are working towards common goals.

Troy Ezel

Evening Exterior Wash Bay Manager

Troy started at Deluxe in 2017. In his six years with us, Troy has done a fantastic job of making sure each and every customer is over the top satisfied with their wash, and has made our evening crew a great team to be a part of!

Front Ladies

Air traffic Control

So much to say, so little room. Cartha, Stephanie, Kali, Mallory and Mikela make up the front house operations. These gals write over 150 labor tickets a day, perform countless CAT Scale weighs, answer all phone calls and make sure our in-store customers are taken care of to the fullest. Ronda, Barb and Vickie make up the back house operations. These gals are our lifelines to cleanliness. Cleaning showers, mopping floors, and keeping the restrooms the cleanest in the midwest is all in a days work for them.

"We take cleaning to the nth degree."

Nick Wollenman, General Manager at Deluxe