Hopper Washout


Deluxe Truck Stop employees have been cold water rinsing out hopper trailers for almost 40 years. We have a number of bays generally available to get a washout done.



hopper washout

Our staff uses high pressure cold water from the ladder and focuses on the all the nooks and crannies of the trailers.  We can washout anything that can be washed into the sewer system.  From rocks to meat and bone meal, to non-hazardous fertilizers.

BELt/walking floor trailer washout

Our staff uses a different approach to these trailers, as they require a higher pressure hose to break down what can often become stuck inside. We also allow the driver to spin the belt and walk the floor so we can get everything out.

End Dump trailer washout

End dump trailers can sometimes be difficult due to the nature of the products hauled, but our system allows us to clean to the highest standards!



For shippers who require the use of detergent to neutralize the previous loads -- we offer this service!

* Additional charges apply.

HIGH pressure, hot soapy water

We can use high pressure, hot soapy water on all open top trailers with the exception of the hopper trailer.

* Additional charges apply.


Protect your wash by applying wax to your newly cleaned truck or trailer. The wax helps to keep the shine and reduce dust sticking on your vehicle. Our wax is popular among hopper operators as well. We spray the inside of the hopper trailer to help keep the next load from sticking.​

* Additional charges apply.