Foodgrade & Kosher Washout


Our Foodgrade tank trailer washout facility has been approved by manufacturing laboratory personnel. Our Kosher tank trailer washout procedure is Vaad Hoer certified. We follow all of the USDA and FDA standards and we go above and beyond those standards to ensure that we provide the best foodgrade/kosher washes anywhere in the country.




Foodgrade Washouts is another one of our specialties. Like Kosher washes, we know exactly what a foodgrade wash should be and we do that plus give it a little extra. From pneumatic trailer to barrel trailers, we can perform a foodgrade wash on them all. Our tank staff is highly trained and knows exactly what you need to ensure you get loaded.

* Additional charges may apply.


Kosher washouts are highly regulated washouts that require a precise wash procedure and we have that down here at Deluxe Truck Stop. We have a dedicated bay for your kosher washes and only kosher/foodgrade products may enter the bay to keep it sanitary and prevent cross contamination. We have the right people using the right equipment to provide one of the best Kosher washes you will find. We know what carriers need and we know how to deliver.



With most Kosher/Foograde washes, the tank will need to be dry and you guessed it, we can dry your tanks here. We use the steam from the wash and forced air to ensure your trailers are moisture free and dry as a bone. There is nothing more frustrating when you show up to pick up a load and your trailer is super clean but gets rejected for having moisture in it. You won't get that here, we have the ability to get them dry and ready to load.

* Additional charges apply.

Confined Space Entry

Deluxe Truck Stop has been  providing confined space entry for over 15 years. We follow OSHA guidelines for this type of work. Each tank wash attendant ​has the 8 hour training every year. ​We refuse any shortcuts when it comes to confined space entry.

* Significant charges apply for this work.


In order to protect the integrity of your washout, we can seal up your tankers every entry point. We know it's clean, you know it's clean, but we want the shippers to know it's clean and tamper free. Seals are always free of charge as we want your shipper to know that we have cleaned your tank and it has remained tamper free since the moment we finished the wash.

* Additional charges apply.