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We've been washing truck exteriors for almost four decades. While there are many methods to exterior washing, we've learned that any equipment has to be hand scrubbed to get it really clean. That's why we employ the best people who apply our time tested processes to achieve the best results.


Exterior Wash


We start with our pre-soak foaming solution. The pre-soak is a fast acting product that helps us remove unwanted bugs and grime.​

* Additional charges apply for heavy debris.

High Pressure Wash

Our high-pressure washing system delivers up to 3000 psi water pressure at temperatures of 150+ degrees.
The system combines our time tested soap solution with fresh hot water to help us spray most of the grime away.

Hand Scrub

Perhaps the most important part, we hand wash everything with our protective brush heads and elbow grease! We hand wash your wheels, trailer body (including front and back) and everything on the truck including the roof and hood.

Power Brush

We employ some of the best people and tools to ensure customer satisfaction. One of the tools that helps us accomplish this is the Power Brush. Built specifically for washing trailers, we use a time tested soap formula that the brush applies as it rotates its bristles.


After a thorough cleaning, it is time to rinse away the soap and reveal the shine. We have 7 fresh water rinse hoses to quickly get your equipment rinsed of soap to avoid streaking.



Protect your wash by applying wax to your newly cleaned truck or trailer. The wax helps to keep the shine and reduce dust sticking on your vehicle. Our wax is popular among hopper operators as well. We spray the inside of the hopper trailer to help keep the next load from sticking.​

* Additional charges apply.

Citric Acid Wash

We can help bring your aluminum back to life. Our citrus base brightener can be used on any aluminum including tanks, wheels, steps and trailers. We have carefully formulated our brightener mix for safely getting the best results possible. Since we rely on warm weather to help us do a great job, we only do brightening from April - October.

* Additional charges apply.